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Eat Oregon! Eat! Eat! Eat!

Thursday, June 21, 2007
Today, Thursday, June 21st, you will have the amazing opportunity to eat out at any of over 70 establishments in Oregon and 15% of the proceeds will go directly to Basic Rights Oregon to help defend Oregon's new basic fairness laws. That's right! Bites for Rights is here! You can eat lunch, dinner or even go to happy hour at one of the over 70 establishments and you will be supporting equality!!

What other day of the year can you order two desserts and not feel guilty afterwards? Below is a list of all the participating establishments across Oregon, if you see an "**" next to it, that means that one or more of the Basic Rights Oregon staff will be there for either dinner or drinks--or both! BRO staffers will be at these selected establishments at around 6pm. Feel free to join us! If you prefer you can go to www.BitesForRights.com for links to the establishments.

SE Portland
Adobe Rose Café, Ben and Jerry's on Hawthorne, The Blue Monk, Crush, Detour Café, Dingo's, DiNicola's Italian Restaurant, Eleni's Estiatorio, Egyptian Club, Floyd's Coffee, Haven Coffee, Il Piatto, Jade Lounge, No Fish! Go Fish!, Pastini Pastaria SE, Ramekin's Café, Redwing Coffee & Baking, Savoy Tavern & Bistro, Starky's, Sub Rosa, 3 Doors Down Café and Lounge, **Wild Abandon Restaurant**/Red Velvet Lounge, Zell's Café

N/NE Portland
Blue Gardenia, Bridges Café and Catering, Café Wonder, Cadillac Café, Chameleon Restaurant and Bar, Chez José East, County Cork & Public House, Echo, Grolla, **Mint/820**, North Star Coffee House, Old Wives Tales, Pastini Pastaria NE, **Russell Street Bar-B-Que**, Vita Café

Dessert Noir Café & Bar, Mingo

SW Portland
Chez José West, Clyde Common, Fish Grotto Seafood Restaurant, Higgins Restaurant and Bar, **Masu Sushi**, Pastini City Center, Red Star Tavern & Roast House, **Scandals**, Three Square Grill, Westcafe

NW Portland
Byways Café, Darcelle XV, Eleni's Philoxenia, **Escape from New York Pizza**, Fox and Hounds, Hobo's Restaurant, Paragon, **Pastini Pastaria NW**, Pepino's Mexican Grill, Uptown Billiards Club

Cascade Baking Company, Coffee House Cafe

Anatolia, **Ring of Fire Restaurant and Catering**, Sweet Life Patisserie

Burst's Candies, Interzone, Wildfire Restaurant

T. Paul's Urban Café

The Grove Restaurant & Lounge

Click here to view the entire list of participating establishments!

Victory in New York: Assembly Passes Marriage Equality Bill

Wednesday, June 20, 2007
Legislation to legalize same-sex marriage in New York, supported by Gov. Eliot Spitzer, was approved 85-61 by the state Assembly Tuesday after an often emotional three-hour debate.

Despite the victory for supporters of the legislation, the bill is not expected to be acted on any time soon in the Republican-led state Senate.

Read the entire story here.