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Don't Miss Our "Campaign For Justice" Kick-Off

Friday, October 28, 2005
BRO EqualityPAC
We need to have the right people in office to cast the right votes at the right time.

With your help, we'll emerge from Election Day '06 with a Fair-Minded Majority-more than enough legislators in both the House and the Senate who will vote on the side of fairness for GLBT Oregonians and make equality the law of the land.

Join the Basic Rights Equality PAC as we kick off our 2006 Campaign for Justice! Cocktails. Appetizers. Conversation. And the beginning of our fight for a legislature committed to fairness and equality.

For more details, click here.


Marion County Circuit Court is expected to hand down a decision in BRO's legal challenge to Ballot Measure 36 any day. While we anxiously await that decision, we wanted to make sure that you knew what to expect when the court rules.

This is, without a doubt, a challenging case to argue. Although for all of us the inherent unfairness of Measure 36 is clear, legally it is neither simple nor clear cut that it can be overturned. Following the passage of Measure 36, BRO attorneys, together with the ACLU and other legal experts, spent months conducting legal research and planning the legal strategy in this case. We did not, as some have suggested, want to have this measure thrown out on a "technicality" that would simply allow our opponents to submit yet anotherand potentially more severemeasure to Oregon voters. Put simply, we wanted to construct a case that, if successful, would not represent a temporary victory, but would create a lasting win, both legally AND politically.

To be frank, our ability to win at the circuit court level is constrained. (To learn why, click here.) It is important to know that this ruling merely represents the first step in a long process.

It is ultimately a two-or three-act play that will be performed first in Marion County Circuit Court, then in the Oregon Court of Appeals, and finally in the Oregon Supreme Court. It will play out while weat the same timecontinue to build political power and public support that will create equality across our state. And no matter what twists and turns the plot takes, this legal fight will not be over until the Oregon Supreme Court's final scene.

When we filed this challenge to Measure 36, we knew that it could potentially be a long, tough fightand that we might lose a round or two. But we have pressed ahead because we believe in the strength of our legal arguments and because we believeabove all elsethat it is important to say: This measure is wrong. This measure violates every Oregon tradition of fairness by treating some Oregonians differently from others. This measure has hurt Oregonians and their families. It is a shameful mark on our fair state.

To read more about the case, including legal filings, plaintiff bios and more, click here.

Making Oregon a State of Equality

Thursday, October 06, 2005
Where we go from here...

This is the first time in the organization's history that BRO has ever been strong enough to take advantage of the calm between the storms and to create a long-term plan that will take us forward toward full equality on our own terms. That was the vision of the founders of this organization, and it has taken this long to build our strength to this level. It's so exciting! Ever since the end of the legislative session, the BRO staff and board have been hard at work to create this plan.

Read more about our campaign to make Oregon a State of Equality.

Coverage from Martinez v. State of Oregon Oral Briefs

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