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HB 2007 Vote Breakdown

Voted for HB 2007 and in favor Oregon families:
Brad  Avakian-D
Alan  Bates-D
Kate  Brown-D
Ginny  Burdick-D
Margaret  Carter-D
Peter  Courtney-D
Ryan  Deckert-D
Richard  Devlin-D
Avel  Gordly-I
Betsy  Johnson-D
Rick  Metsger-D
Laurie  Monnes Anderson-D
Rod  Monroe-D
Bill  Morrisette-D
Frank  Morse-R
David  Nelson-R
Floyd  Prozanski-D
Kurt  Schrader-D
Joanne  Verger-D
Vicki  Walker-D
Ben  Westlund-D

Voted Against Oregon Families:
Jason  Atkinson-R
Roger  Beyer-R
Ted  Ferrioli-R
Gary  George-R
Larry  George-R
Jeff  Kruse-R
Bruce  Starr-R
Doug  Whitsett-R
Jackie  Winters-R
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By Blogger Tim, at May 02, 2007 7:19 PM

I was there today to watch 21 Senators vote to uphold the dignity and worth of all Oregonians. It was a historical moment. Thanks to all of you who have worked so diligently to help this come to pass.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at May 02, 2007 7:29 PM

Well, it's time we thank everyone who was present during the rallies, hearings, and who wrote letters to our Legislators asking for fairness.

BUT... we, as a community, must NOT take advantage or be disrespectful to the ignorant that will still be in opposition to our rights we are about to be given.

It has been an up hill battle and we need to be thankful not bitter.

CONGRATULATIONS! We can now live without fear of harrassment or discrimination...

WE DID IT!!!!!!!    

By Anonymous Anonymous, at May 03, 2007 4:16 PM

When will the Governor Sign the bill? When does it take effect?    

By Anonymous Anonymous, at May 03, 2007 7:01 PM

The bill won't become law until January 1, 2008.    

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