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LIVE! From the HB 2007 Oregon Senate Vote

11:38am HOUSE BILL 2007 PASSES 21-9!!!

11:37am Vote begins.

11:35am When nature calls...

11:35am Here it goes. Oh - looking for a missing Senator.

11:33am ROLL CALL.


11:32am Sen. Burdick has 7:30 left to speak.

11:31amHB 2007 is landmark for all oregonians. With this legislation we say that Oregon values all families. With this legislation we are telling families that they do not need to carry a legal briefcase with them at all times. With this legislation, we are protecting the rights of children is one of their parents were to die".... she keeps going. Same-sex couples will no longer be treated as strangers.

11:30amSen. Burdick seems to be the LAST person to want to speak. Here comes the vote!!

11:29am "Our job today is to determine how big is Oregon's heart" said Morse. "Our job today is to define the heart of Oregon--is it big enough? Is it big enough?"

11:29am PLEASE EXCUSE SPELLING ERRORS :) I am typing as fast as I can and I know there are typos.

11:28amMorse now reads a letter from a constituent.

11:27am Sen. Frank Morse now speaks. Speaks of last session and calls it a lonely journey, calls today another day and an opp. to do something right for Oregon"

11:26amSen. Westlund passionately supports the bill.

11:23amSen. Westlund says, "Finally the legislature has the political will and courage to pass this legislation" He recognized the 3 other sponsors of SB1000 last session. He was one of the four.

"I am so proud to be standing in this chamber... to be afforded the right of the dignity of their humanness. It is that simple, that important and that profound. To be afforded the right to their humanness".

11:21am Sen. Alan Bates now speaks. He was a sponsor on SB 1000.

11:17am Sen. Vicki Walker now speaks.

  • "Today's vote is of historic significance"
  • "This is not full equality"
  • "This is a bittersweet vote"
  • "Couples will still be denied over 1100 benefits at the federal level"
  • "Unlike marriage the benefits in HB 2007 are only valid within Oregon. If they travel to any other state, they take none of the protections and responsibilities"
  • "Strangers under the law outside the borders of Oregon"
  • "It is shameful that we must in the name of equality setup a law in the name of inequality"
  • "This bill makes some Oregonians 'less than'"

    Sen. Walker now talks about how she had to exit the committee because of how awful the testimony was. How "ugly it was".
  • "This bill today is the right thing to do because it is a significant step forward"
  • "I pledge to my constituents and to all Oregonians that I will continue to advocate for full equality under the law. I urge an Aye vote on HB 2007"

    11:15am Sen. Beyer protests the bill and says that he is not voting for the bill because it effects 274 statues. Sadly, that is not why he is going to vote no. Based on prior comments from the Senator it comes down to him being anti-gay. He voted no in 2005 on Senate Bill 1000, voted no on anti-discrimination legislation (Senate Bill 2), voted no this session in Committee and will again vote no on this bill.

    11:13am Beyer has asked Sen. Brown about 4 questions so far. Sen. Brown stays firm, yet calm.

    11:12am Beyer asks about the fiscal impact. Brown says section 9 directly addresses the rights and responsibilities in this bill.

    11:10amSen. Beyer now speaks. Questioning Section 9 of the bill. Asking what exactly what statutes, administrative rules and "court rulings" that would be changed by this bill.

    11:09amKate Brown now reads a letter from a couple. A couple that has gone through extensive health issues with one of the partners. While sitting at the bedside of her longtime partner, with the advanced directive in her hands. The nurse told her that her partner "was sick because of sins against God." The nurse tried to make her leave the bedside of her longtime partner.

    11:04amBTW- HB 2007 is being carried by Sen. Kate Brown and Sen. Ginny Burdick.

    11:02am Discussing how it DOES NOT change current Oregon state marriage statutes. But does vital basic rights such as: bereavement or sick leave to care for a partner or a partner's child; choose a final resting place for a deceased partner; transfer property and assets from a deceased partner to his or her surviving partner if the deceased had no valid will; obtain joint health, home and auto insurance policies; enter joint rental agreements; get an equitable division of property in a partnership dissolution or annulment; file joint state tax returns; receive a death benefit under state worker's compensation laws; the responsibility to pay court-ordered child or spousal support after a partnership is dissolved.

    11:02am She's currently providing an overview of House Bill 2007.

    11:01am Sen. Kate Brown opens up the debate.

    10:59am They're back. Senate President asks everyone to respect the rules of the Senate.

    BACK IN 15 Mins.

    10:35am: Here we go. HB 2007 debate begins. Sen. Majority Leader Kate Brown begins. Then calls for caucus. Recess until 10:55. 15 minutes.

    10:32am: Ben Westlund just walked by me and tapped my head saying "get to work". Love Ben Westlund, though shouldn't he be on the floor? He looks great though. Looking very fit these days. Go Ben!

    10:31am: Remonstrances. Joanne Verger speaks.

    10:28am: "Governor Barbara Robert is here today to make sure that we do our work well", says Sen. Rod Monroe.

    10:27am: They are now extending courtesies to honorary pages.

    10:24am: Invocation and Prayer.

    10:22am: Pledge.

    10:19am: Flags in ready position for 'posting of the colors'.

    10:16am: Senators are beginning to trickle in onto the floor. Must have been a late night out.

    10:15am: Roll call begins. No Senators on floor.
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  • By Blogger Gail Rahn Frederick, at May 02, 2007 9:39 AM

    I'll be frantically hitting reload in my browser this AM to see BRO's coverage of the OR Senate vote. Thanks for covering this historic moment live!    

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at May 02, 2007 10:15 AM

    Thanks again, Bryan! Wish I could be there but now I feel as if I'm somewhat there. Bunch of us will be partying at the Speakeasy tonight in Salem if you care to come celebrate with us. -Jonathan    

    By Blogger angela, at May 02, 2007 10:17 AM

    This is exciting! I wish I could be there, but thanks for keeping us updated, Bryan!


    By Blogger RD & CB, at May 02, 2007 10:24 AM

    The suspense is killing me!!!!!    

    By Blogger Torrid, at May 02, 2007 10:35 AM

    First we have to wait for Jackie Winters to bitch, moan and LIE about Measure 37. "Heartbroken..." please. How heartbroken were you to vote for endless war yesterday in Iraq, Ms. Winters??    

    By Blogger wep601, at May 02, 2007 11:35 AM

    Thank you again so very much BRO for being there for all of us! Through the long disappointing months/years... and there at the Capitol to send us these lines of _hope_!! :) Wendy    

    By Blogger M+M, at May 02, 2007 1:56 PM

    Now that this is (almost) the law of the land, could BRO make some explanation links on their website? Take for example by paying $60 and getting listed on Multnomah County's Domestic Partner Rolls, would this dovetail into State recognition?    

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at May 02, 2007 2:10 PM

    When will the governor sign it?    

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at May 02, 2007 2:35 PM

    Who voted for/against it?    

    By Anonymous KMF, at May 02, 2007 2:38 PM

    I agree with the Senator who called this vote "bittersweet" - this should have happened long ago - but I am also so very proud to be an Oregonian today. Rock on my sisters and brothers! Today the arc of history does indeed bend toward justice.    

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at May 02, 2007 3:06 PM

    Passage of this bill is great news.

    I'd like to suggest another bill to be taken up that BRO could help champion.

    The legislature should take up a "Misha's Law" named after this Oregon boy. There already exists a bill which could do it (pdf).

    It's great to see Oregon taking a lead in granting equal legal treatment to everyone regarding life partner choice. I hope Oregon next takes the lead in granting equal protections of genital integrity to everyone.    

    By Blogger Bryan Boyd, BRO, at May 02, 2007 3:23 PM

    Hey everyone! What an amazing/crazy day.

    There are some questions in the comments and I don't want them to go unanswered.

    BRO's legal team is hard at work figuring out many details and will meet soon to discuss many of the facets of the domestic partnerships bill. We will answer these questions as soon as possible.


    By Blogger Bryan Boyd, BRO, at May 02, 2007 4:31 PM

    Click here to see the vote breakdown from the vote today.    

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at May 02, 2007 6:51 PM

    It is unfortunate that the bill, once signed, won't actually take effect until January 1, 2008.    

    » Post a Comment