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Oregon Proves Equality Prevails

Nearly one year ago, we resolved to change our state. We swore to ourselves, our families and our friends that we would defend those who have courageously stood up for equality time and time again and defeat those who have cynically and cruelly blocked efforts to end discrimination in our state.

We set out to re-elect our Governor, send at least one anti-equality legislator in the Oregon House packing and jeopardize Karen Minnis' return to the Speaker's seat.

We've invested tens of thousands of dollars in change, volunteered thousands of hours and cast hundreds of thousands of pro-equality ballots. Now the tide has turned on anti-equality forces in Oregon and Oregon lawmakers have been put on notice: stand on the side of discrimination and Oregonians will NOT stand for it.

Here’s just a snapshot of our more fair, more equal Oregon:

  • Karen Minnis is NO LONGER SPEAKER OF THE OREGON HOUSE! (she may retain her seat--this one is still to close to call--but she can no longer wield her power against GLBT Oregonians)
  • We have built a pro-equality majority in the Oregon House.
  • We re-elected our pro-equality Governor: Ted Kulongoski
  • We elected Tina Kotek the ONLY OUT legislator in the Oregon House
  • We elected Judge Virginia Linder the first OUT lesbian on the Oregon Supreme Court
  • Of the 35 endorsed statewide and legislative candidates of equality, 32 of the fair-minded candidates endorsed by the Basic Rights Equality PAC have won their races. That is an astonishing 94% win rate.
  • Corvallis activists in the Basic Rights Action Team passed an amendment to the city charter prohibiting discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity

    TOGETHER, we made it happen. TOGETHER, we have helped set anti-equality forces like the Oregon Family Council back on their heels. TOGETHER, we have built a movement that can flex political muscle. Now we must come together to make it count by passing pro-equality legislation in 2007. TOGETHER we can. TOGETHER we will!


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  • By Anonymous cheryl, at November 08, 2006 4:25 PM

    i am so happy i could weep, jump for joy, scream, and . . . who knows what else???

    thanks to BRO staff and the volunteers for helping to make this happen. i haven't felt this good in 6 years - a sense of hope . . . and more!

    so - can we get that discrimination our of state now? can a nondescrim law be passed, so that the amendment 36 becomes illegal???

    wow - amazing.    

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at November 10, 2006 12:15 PM

    You set out to re-elect Kulongoski? You made it appear that you were being thoughtful in who you would be supporting - yet you already knew you would support him?

    So an endorsement or green-light to Jim Hill who supported our full equality (Kulongoski does not) never had a chance.

    You got the job done - you hurt a lot in the community in the process - but you got the job done.

    Good work guys.    

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