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The Queer Vote = The Values Vote

That's right. Values voters, a word that I have personally come to detest over the past 5 years. The word has been dominated by the far-right in order to instill fear into its far-right base. Sadly, "values" have come to be defined as hate, bigotry and sheer ignorance. These so-called "Values voters" have knocked us down time after time, trying to shove us back into silence, back into the closet. Well folks, it is time to reclaim American values. We are the value voters.

Values of humanity. Values of civil rights. Values of progress, not regression. Values of family, no matter what kind of family. Because we all know that love makes a family. It is time to speak out. It is time to let your voice be heard. It is time. It is time to reclaim what we know are true American values. It is time to fight for the values that we know to be true and just.

Right now you have the opportunity to reclaim the descriptive that has been abused. We are the "values voters". We vote our hopes, not our fear (thanks to Westlund for that line).

This is no time to be discouraged in Oregon. We can see the light at the end of the tunnel, a brighter light than we have seen in Oregon in a long time. This is a time to shine, our time to shine. Rise up and vote. Vote your values. Vote for your partner, your kids, your families, your friends--vote for YOU.

As it stands right now, we have an incredible chance to take back the Oregon House and turn it into a pro-equality majority. When previously we thought that at best we could break even in the House, we now know that we could take over.

We also know that our pro-equality Governor, the only Governor who WILL stand up for us has a good chance of winning. The polls are showing Kulongoski and his anti-GLBT opponent, Ron Saxton, neck and neck.

This is where you come in...

1.) VOTE. VOTE. VOTE by November 7th. If you are registered, though for some reason did not get your ballot, call us at 503-222-6151. We will help you to figure it out and make sure that you get your ballot. You ballot is your voice--USE IT. Need help filling out your ballot? Visit our first-ever online voter guide for candidates of equality. Click here to visit VoteEquality.com.

2.) WE NEED BODIES. Bodies to help us make phone calls to Get-Out-The-Vote. Never before have we seen a coalition, so united behind one cause. Basic Rights Oregon, in partnership with over 12 coalition partners have a massive effort underway. PLEASE set aside just THREE hours one evening to help us make phone calls, or to walk with us around neighborhoods. This will help to make a huge difference.

Click here to learn about the many ways that you can get involved RIGHT NOW!

3.) Call and email as many people as you can and tell them to VOTE! Again, their vote is their voice. Let's show anti-equality forces that we will NOT stand for their values of hate, bigotry and ignorance.


The Basic Rights Oregon staff is ALWAYS available to talk. Call us if you have any questions about how you can get involved or if you have any questions about the candidates on your ballot. 503-222-6151 or email us at media@basicrights.org.

-Bryan Boyd, BRO Communications

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By Anonymous Anonymous, at November 02, 2006 8:17 PM

yeah, i called with a comment/question and was told that I must give my full name and a callback number or no one was interested in what i had to say.

the thing with bro is that if they know who you are and you voice any criticism, suddenly your name's getting smeared around the community...

i know it from experience, i have a friend bro smeared bad now he feels uncomfortable going to any community events, that's sad

if bro wants community input then stop with the smearing - this community is too small to have a big corporate org like bro unable to accept criticism and act professionally...

(can't wait to read the response to this one and yeah it's anonymous!)    

By Blogger Bryan Boyd, BRO, at November 02, 2006 11:54 PM

I have a bit of a hard time believing you. This is Bryan, author of this post. I invite you to call me tomorrow. 503-222-6151. Call me anytime after 1pm. If you want to call before then, please ask for Rebekah Orr. Though I would invite you again to call after 1pm and talk to me. I look forward to helping.    

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