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How Campaigning For Candidates Will Change The Face of Oregon & Achieve Lasting GLBT Equality

A little more than one month remains before the May primary elections, in which Oregonians will cast the first votes in a critical election season for the future of GLBT equality in Oregon.

Exactly what's at stake?

The elections of 2006 will determine whether anti-discrimination and civil union laws pass in the 2007 legislature or whether Oregon will have to wait another two years for any measure of equality. Just as important, this election will decide whether the Governor in office in 2007 will be inclined to veto pro-equality bills or sign them into law.

What do we have to do?

To achieve our goals, we must elect at least two more fair-minded candidates to the House of Representatives and maintain a favorable Governor. Even though we have the bipartisan votes needed to pass our bills, extremist Republicans who dominate the current legislative leadership have chosen to wield their power to successfully block a vote. Because of this dynamic, the only way to pass our legislation in 2007 is to change the balance of power in the House of Representatives.

What kind of difference can we make?

  • If we can replace 1-2 legislators with fair-minded candidates, we would be able to execute a procedural strategy to override the extremist leadership and force a floor vote on GLBT rights bills.

  • If we can replace 3 legislators with fair-minded candidates, then leadership in the House would be split among Democrats and Republicans, allowing GLBT-supportive leadership on the Democratic side to successfully negotiate a favorable leadership structure with moderate Republicans who support our legislation.

  • If we can replace 4 legislators with fair-minded candidates, then extremist Republicans would no longer control the House of Representatives and a strong supporter of GLBT equality would be Speaker allowing us to guarantee passage of our nondiscrimination and civil unions bills.

  • In addition, in order for these legislative changes to make a difference we need to keep a pro-GLBT rights elected official in the Governor's Office.

    How can you help?

    While we know we can make unprecedented gains in this election cycle, we can ONLY do it with your help. In order to win, our community will need to raise thousands of dollars and build a massive volunteer election team across this state.

    Tired of defensive campaigns? This is your turn to contribute to a pro-active campaign that can really make a difference. We'll need you to give of your time, contribute your hard earned dollars, register to vote and vote in both the primary and general elections, host or attend a house party in your area, educate Oregonians about the issues at the door and on the phone and more.

    Together with Basic Rights Oregon you can become part of a political revolution to reshape Oregon and ensure lasting equality for GLBT Oregonians. Each victory for a fair-minded, pro-GLBT candidate gives our movement a voice in the debate and a vote when it matters.

    Questions or just have something to say? Feel free to leave a comment.

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  • By Anonymous Anonymous, at April 02, 2006 11:35 AM

    Please make available a list of the candidates BRO has already endorsed for 2006. Diane Linn is the only one I can find after hunting all over the BRO website. If people are interested in volunteering for endorsed candidates campaigns it would be good to know who they are early on in the election cycle. It would also be helpful come primary election time which is not too far away. Thanks.    

    By Blogger BRO, at April 03, 2006 11:14 AM

    We'll do exactly that! Look for our online voter guide with all BRO-endorsed candidates in your email box or at www.voteequality.com on April 12th.

    Rebekah Kassell
    Basic Rights Oregon
    Communications Director    

    By Blogger BRO, at April 06, 2006 4:00 PM

    Our online voter guide is launching Wednesday, April 12th: www.VoteEquality.com

    Wanted to make sure we had the link for you all.    

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