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STUDIO BRO: Portland's Infamous Nightspot & Party of The Year For One Night Only

Like the short, excessive life of the notorious Studio 54, Studio B-R-O will be the hottest spot in town for one night only this Saturday! But, unlike the bouncers at Studio 54, we'll let you in the door. To get on the guest list, all you need to do is purchase your passes now!

It's more than just dinner --it's disco! In the true disco tradition, we've taken this year's party over the top with fabulous food, fashion and outrageous fun.

We'll honor Ramon Ramirez of PCUN (Oregon's farmworkers Union and largest and most influential latino organization) with a BRO Fighting Spirit Award and Heroes of the 2005 Legislative Session:
  • Legislative Sponsors of Senate Bill 1000 Senate Majority Leader Kate Brown and Senators Ben Westlund, Frank Morse and Alan Bates
  • Allies in the Oregon House, including House Democratic Caucus Leader Jeff Merkley and Represenatives Diane Rosenbaum, Mary Nolan and Debi Farr
  • The Community of Welcoming Congregations
  • Oregon PFLAG
  • Salem Basic Rights Action Team
  • Oregon Governor Ted Kulongoski and First Lady Mary Oberst.

    We'll be entertained by the far-out sounds of the Dahoo Chorus and Poison Waters!

    And be prepared with your checkbook or credit card...you'll have the chance to walk away with any number of hip auction items including:

  • A classic Vespa scooter!
  • A Portland vacation package featuring all that the city has to offer: fine dining, entertainment, shopping and luxurious overnight accommodations.
  • An opportunity to "Test Drive your Dream Job" as a wine maker, TV producer, race team pit crew member, celebrity make-up artist, whitewater rafting outfitter, brew master, radio DJ and much more through Vocation Vacations.
  • Enjoy Northwest sports in style with a luxurious Nike golf package and some of the best seats in the house to see the Seattle Seahawks, Portland Trailblazers and more.
  • Vegas Baby! Stay at the Paris Hotel and see "We Will Rock You" and the Broadway Hit "Mama Mia" in which you'll hear all of the hits from the oh-so-fabulous ABBA.
  • A six-day Caribbean adventure including an ocean front stay in a private condo with room for six on the white sandy beaches of Puerto Adventuras, Mexico, big game fishing or an interactive dolphin experience and more!
  • A one-week Hawaiian island experience including roundtrip airfare for two and a stay in a Hawaiian home with magnificent Pacific views and a private pool.
  • Your chance to own four pieces of collectible Lonesomeville pottery. Inspired by the beautiful linens of the 1930's and 40's, the new Dogwood series is designed to reflect the beauties of Spring.
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