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This session, the Oregon Legislature failed to end discrimination against GLBT Oregonians and their families -- this, despite the fact that, together, we delivered to the Oregon Legislature the most massive statewide lobbying effort ever on GLBT issues. At BRO we work hard to track every action taken by activists, but we know that hundreds, if not thousands, of you took action after action, day after day in a way that we couldn't track. While that unbelieveable and dedicated effort can't be reflected here, below is a snapshot of some of the scope and scale of what we accomplished: 

Number of letters written to legislators tracked by BRO staff: 40,726

Minimum number of phone calls made to legislators: 11,053

Hours of testimony presented to legislative committees on civil unions, antidiscrimination and reciprocal benefits: 20

Oregonians who attended legislative hearings in Salem in support of civil unions and anti-discrimination: 477.

Additional number who provided written testimony in support of the legislation: 410

Total number of Oregonians who rallied at least once on the steps of the Capitol: 1,800.

Number of cities represented at July 20th Rally on Capitol Steps: 67

Number of consecutive days activists gathered outside Capitol parking garage to urge legislators to pass SB 1000: 34

Percentage of Oregon legislative districts represented in pro-SB1000 lobbying effort: 100%.

Number of cities and towns from which activists lobbied in support of SB 1000: 155

Pieces of educational literature delivered to legislators in support of SB 1000: more than 7,600

Number of active volunteers who contributed to the legislative campaign: 4600

Number of hours spent by phone-bank volunteers calling activists and supporters across Oregon to generate, email and phone calls to legislators: 1100

Longest distance traveled to meet for 15 minutes with legislator: 271.7 miles.

Number of votes changed by the visit: 1

Ratio of letters-to-the-editor published in support and opposition of SB 1000: 2:1

Number of newspaper editorials written in support of civil unions and antidiscrimination: 37.

Number in opposition: 4

Percentage of State's major newspapers that supported the bill: 100%

Number of letters delivered to legislators featuring the "Pictures and Priorities" of Oregonians statewide: 1000

Number of Oregonians who delivered a "While You Were Out" message to Speaker Minnis: 700

Number of "Support SB 1000" t-shirts distributed to activists around the state: 500

Number of SB 1000 t-shirts currently for sale on E-Bay: 1
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