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All News Regarding SB1000 in the House

Coast residents join in Salem rally to support civil union bill

Speaker puts halt to civil unions bill
By David Steves, The Register-Guard

History knocks at Karen Minnis’ door
An idea whose time has come, civil unions bill deserves a hearing

Governor Says Civil Unions Not Dead
By Colin Fogarty, OPB News

RASPBERRIES to House Speaker Karen Minnis

Civil unions get shelved in uncivil House
By David Sarasohn

House leaders gut civil unions bill
By Brad Cain, The Associated Press

House puts limits on civil unions
By Don Jepsen for the Mail Tribune

Maneuver 'guts' civil unions bill
A House panel erases anti-bias and other provisions of SB1000 for language that allows limited benefits to gay, lesbian couples

By Michelle Cole

Civil unions bill gets rewrite
House GOP guts it, stuffs it with 'reciprocal beneficiary' version

Dana Haynes and Steve Law, Statesman Journal

Oregon House Speaker blocks civil unions vote
Eric Johnston, PlanetOut Network

Civil Unions Bill Won't Get House Vote
By Colin Fogarty

Maneuver kills civil unions bill
Bend Bulletin
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