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An Update on SB 1000

What You Can do to Make SB 1000 the Law:
Thanks to the many, many emails and phone calls you have made in the last two weeks, pressure is mounting for the Speaker of the House to bring SB 1000 to a vote on the House floor.

But we can't let up now. In fact, we must fight harder to end discrimination and make civil unions a reality.

There are three things you can do this week to help us reach the tipping point -- the point at which the House of Representatives realizes that they can not end this session without casting a vote on Senate Bill 1000.

1. Rally with BRO in Salem Wednesday!
Plan to join BRO and hundreds of Oregonians as we rally on the steps of the Oregon State Capitol Wednesday evening to demand a House vote on SB 1000!

Rally Program Featuring:
Governor Ted Kulongoski, Sponsors of Senate Bill 1000, Roey Thorpe, PFLAG and more.

Wear your Senate Bill 1000 shirt or light blue t-shirt, fill your vehicle with friends and family and be there at 6 PM!

For details, including parking, transportation and more, visit Basic Rights Oregon.

2. Call Speaker Minnis & Demand a Vote!
Speaker of the House Karen Minnis has the power to bring SB 1000 to a vote.

But she is behaving more like a monarch on a throne than a fair arbiter of democracy, pledging to lock SB 1000 in a legislative dungeon where it will never see the light of day.

Call Speaker Minnis now at 503-986-1200 and tell her:
- The people of Oregon ought to know where their representatives stand on SB 1000.
- Bring SB 1000 to an up or down vote on the House floor immediately.

3. Call Your Representative in Salem
(If you have before -- do it again!)
Don't be fooled: There IS support in the House for this bill. SB 1000 is supported by the Oregon Senate, the Governor and the majority of Oregonians.

Call your representative now and urge him or her to support SB 1000 and call on Speaker Minnis to bring it to an up or down vote on the House floor immediately.

Click here to get contact information for your representative and call now!
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