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SB1000: News Coverage from Friday's Historical Senate Vote

News coverage from the Oregon Senate's historic vote on SB1000 (civil unions/anti-discrimination) This story, not surprisingly, made widespread national and international news.

Senate Bill 1000: A chance to cast a vote for acceptance

Civil unions bill passes Senate

A date with justice: The Oregon Senate makes a compelling case for civil unions for gays and lesbians -- and against bigotry

State Senate approves civil unions bill

Passage of Ore. civil unions bill ‘ensures fairness over prejudice’ Senate gives nod, measure may stall in conservative House

Civil Unions Bill Passes Oregon Senate
Mike Donahue, KOIN News 6

Oregon Senate Passes Civil Unions Bill
by 365Gay.com Newscenter Staff

Gay Unions: Oregon Senate Takes Historic Step Toward Equality

Senate passes bill allowing civil unions for same-sex couples

State Senate OKs civil unions; future is grim in House
Governor joins supporters to cheer historic legislation

Gay rights activists see hope in Oregon civil unions vote

Basin senator rejects civil union bill

Oregon Senate Passes Civil Union Bill

The will of the people is not always what's best
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