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Call Senator Smith Today! Denouce his support of the Federal Marriage Amendment!

Senator Gordon Smith (R) supports the Federal Marriage Amendment. He needs to hear from us Oregonians.

The last time Republicans tried this they failed, but they're expected to make gains this year. Senator Gordon Smith and Senator Ron Wyden are going to be key. Can you call Sen. Smith and tell them that you, as an Oregonian, adamantly oppose any amendment that would permanently write discrimination into the U.S. Constitution.

Each and every call matters.

Demand that Sen. Smith stop playing divisive politics and instead lead on issues that matter to working Americans. For the first time in history, this amendment would actually add discrimination into the document that over time has come to be the very thing that protects us all. Is this the legacy that Senator Smith wants to leave?

The Senate will likely vote on Wednesday on whether to invoke cloture or limit debate, on the amendment. Even proponents of the measure agree that support for Federal Marriage Amendment falls short of even a simple 51-vote majority, far less than the 67 votes needed to amend the Constitution. Even more evidence that they are simply playing with the lives of American families.

Do not let this stop you from contacting your Oregon Senators.

Call Senator Gordon Smith now. Do not call his Oregon offices, please direct all calls to his Washington, DC office.

Senator Gordon Smith
Toll-Free (DC Switchboard): 1.888.355.3588
Direct: 202.224.3753 - direct

Tell Him:

My name is [Your Name], and I am a constituent from [Your City, Oregon]. The Federal Marriage Amendment is an offensive attack on American families. Bigotry and intolerance do not belong in such a sacred document as the U.S. Constitution. Same-sex couples deserve to be treated fairly, and with respect. Please, do not participate in right-wing extremist attempts to demonize them solely for political gain.

I urge you to oppose the Federal Marriage Amendment at every opportunity. Vote against closing debate on the issue. If it does come up for a vote on the floor of the Senate, I strongly urge you to vote against it then too.

I'm counting on you to stand up to hateful, divisive tactics. This issue is important to me. Thank you for your time.

Next, if you have time please make sure to call Senator Ron Wyden, who strongly opposes this discriminatory legislation, and thank him for his continuing support of equality for all Americans.

Senator Ron Wyden
Phone: 202.224.5244

Continue to call Senator Gordon Smith. Drive the point across. If after hours, please leave a message urging him to oppose the Federal Marriage Amendment.

Even the most recent nationwide polling shows that a majority of Americans are becoming increasingly supportive of equality under the law for gay and lesbian families, and increasingly opposed to meddling with a document as sacred as the U.S. Constitution. This newest revival of an already rejected amendment further demonstrates that the far-right leadership's views are out of step with the majority of Americans who are much more concerned with livable wages, rising healthcare costs, education, cost of oil and deeply worried about the ongoing war in Iraq.

They are using fear and misunderstanding to divert attention from the issues that are actually important to working Americans, while at the same time denigrating, demonizing and defaming gay and lesbian people and our families. This amendment is divisive. This amendment is unnecessary. This amendment contradicts the most basic American values of fairness and equality.

Thank you,
Basic Rights Oregon
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