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Oregon Legislature moving quickly to enact civil unions

Civil Union Hearing Tuesday!
The Oregon Legislature is moving quickly to enact civil unions. Just Friday we told you about the introduction of Senate Bill 1073, which would create civil unions providing the legal, state-provided protections and responsibilities of marriage to same-sex couples in Oregon.

Now, the Senate Rules Committee announced today that it will hold a hearing tomorrow afternoon at 3PM, Tuesday, June 7th on this civil unions bill. The hearing, which will take place in Hearing Room B at the State Capitol in Salem, is open to the public and all are welcome to attend and observe the proceedings. Unlike other hearings, however, the time allotted for testimony is likely to be very limited.

Tell the Senate Rules Committee to Vote SB 1073 Out of Committee Now!
Whether you can make it to the hearing tommorrow or not, the Senate Rules Committee needs to hear from you today! This committee COULD vote on SB 1073 as early as TOMMORROW! The choice for legislators is between fairness for ALL Oregon families or discrimination against gay and lesbian Oregonians. Will voices of fair-minded Oregonians or this extremism influence the vote on civil unions? You decide.

Take Action Now!
Call the Senate Rules Committee Members now (if it is after hours you can leave a message on legislative voicemail) and tell them:

1.) Oregon same-sex couples and their families can't wait any longer to be protected under the law.
2.)Don't delay: Vote Senate Bill 1073 out of committee immediately!

Senator Kate Brown, Majority Leader and Committee Chair
Senator Charlie Ringo
Senator Jason Atkinson
Senator Frank Shields
Senator Ted Ferrioli, Minority Leader

This committee COULD vote on SB 1073 as early as TOMMORROW! Make your call now!

Did you make the calls?
Send us an email and report how it went!
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