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ACTION ALERT: Help Restrict Boy Scout Discrimination in Portland Public Schools

On Wednesday, April 13, the Portland Public Schools (PPS) Board will hear public comments about a revised policy which outlines protocols for the distribution of information at school by non-school groups.

The revised policy was created in response to recent formal complaints and legal action related to the recruitment of students at school by the Boy Scouts. Because the Boy Scouts discriminate based on sexual orientation, parents and community groups including the ACLU, Basic Rights Oregon, Oregon Safe Schools and Community Coalition, Love Makes a Family, GLSEN and others have testified that the dissemination of literature and recruitment by the Boy Scouts at schools is damaging to the children of LGBT parents and in violation of the school districts own discrimination policies, which prohibit discrimination based on sexual orientation.

While the Portland Public Schools has made some changes, they haven't done enough.

Attend the school board meeting and tell them they still need to protect LGBT families, kids and teachers.

Demand that the revised policy include:

  • A provision requiring that ALL non-school literature be sent home in sealed envelopes, rather than being handed directly to young children who are too young to determine whether the literature is school or teacher sponsored.

  • A requirement that groups declare who is included and excluded from participation in the group or activity.

    Can't attend? The school board will accept comments on the policy via email. Send a message now! Links below.

    Click here to locate your representative

    Douglas Morgan (Zone #1)

    David Wynde (Zone #2)

    Bobbie Regan (Zone #3)

    Derry Jackson, Sr. (Zone #4)

    Lolenzo Poe (Zone #5)

    Julia Brim-Edwards (Zone #6)

    Dilafruz Williams (Zone #7)

    Suleima Cortez

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